Board Members

Members of the governing council

Keniz Agira

Mr. Keniz Agira takes pride in being part of solutions to diverse legal challenges.  Casework includes charges of high- value fraud, identity theft, sim-box fraud litigation support, electronic evidence management, cybercrime litigation support.
His first degree is in law and in the course of career progression; He has an on-going Diploma in Computer Forensics.  Currently  a course consultant for Kenya Institute for Criminal Justice (KICJ) on law module reviews; a Legal Director and trainer at Global Forensics Services; a Legal Consultant for Kenya e-Learning Centre (KeLC); a trainer on Electronic Evidence Management at International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigator Professionals (IICFIP) on Digital Forensics Practical Workshops; Lead trainer on Electronic Evidence Management at HAM International.
His career research work includes the on - going authorship of books on Electronic Evidence Management and Digital Forensics: a Practical Guide for the beginners.

He is the current chairman of the association. He oversees all the working groups activities. He also represent KCSFA at TVETCDACC, CyberForensics committee.

Rehema Mutunga

Rehema is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and an active member of the Law Society in Kenya. She holds a LLB (Hons) from Moi University, a PGD from Kenya School of Law and pursuing a Masters in Law, Science and Technology at the University of Nairobi.
Work experience
Rehema has professional experience spanning 8 years as an advocate of the high court of Kenya with practice in litigation, conveyancing, commercial and business transactions, and general legal practice with a bias to information communication law. This includes providing legal support and expertise in litigation, negotiating, drafting and reviewing different legal documents, providing legal opinions and advice and carrying out legal compliance audit.

He is the current secretary general of the association. She leads the policy and regulation working group


Fredrick Wahome

Fredrick Wahome is a techpreneuer based in Nairobi Kenya. He has over eight years of experience in technology. His main areas of specialization is ICT security, digital forensics, cloud computing and blockchain. He is skilled in open source and commercial methodology in CyberForensics. He is a court appointed expert witness in cyber-crime related cases. He is a digital forensics examiner and trainer.

He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V9), Ongoing Certified CyberSecurity Analyst (CSA)

He holds a Bachelors in computer science and engineering. He is the founder of Secunets Technologies Group a leading technology provider in the region. He is also the Principal associate at CFK Associates which specializes in digital forensics and documents examination through network of associates. He is a co-founder and CTO of Africa Technology Consulting House (ATCH)

He is the current vice chairman and coordinator of the association. He lead the outreach and partnership working group. e also represent KCSFA at KECIRT (CA)


Timothy Nyende

Timothy Nyende is a committed security professional. He is highly trained in mobile forensics (Cellbrite and FTK), digital forensics (EnCase), covert operations, intelligence analysis and counter terrorism. He has vast experience in social media investigation and open source intelligence, IBM i2 intelligence and open source digital forensics tools. He has a Diploma on criminology from UON and currently pursuing a Bachelor of computer security and forensics. He has been instrumental in setting up digital forensics laboratory across East Africa region.

He is the current national treasurer of the association




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