Press Release

Press Release 4th July 2016

Proposed ICT Bill 2016

The bill has been proposed by a private citizen and its everyone's right to do so.

However there are a few things which needs discussion before we even think of one body to regulate ICT

1. The bill didn't include all stakeholders in ICT and cant purport to be in their best interests

2. The requirement that for one to qualify as an ICT practitioner needs a degree in ICT related filed is ridiculous. Most of world leading innovators do not even have a degree

3. There is a proposed fee which is renewable per year and the council can decide not to renew your membership. This is an act of malice.

4. The bill is a well thought but it needs inclusivity where every stakeholder in ICT will feel part of that and present the real challenges many ICT practitioners face everyday

5. Our proposal as an association in CyberSecurity is for the industry players to self regulate. The government can provide guidelines but the regulation should be left to the experts. Just like doctors, lawyers, teachers and other experts.

Signed by the Secretary General: KCSFA.

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