Certificate in Digital Forensics

Certificate in Digital Forensics


1. Teach and train hands on skills on digital forensocs

2. Improve your career as a digital forensics investigator

3. Create your own self employment in digital forensics

4. Develop a career in digital forensics investigation

Course outline:
Introduction to Linux  

    Setting up VirtualBox
    Setting up KALI, DEFT, CAINE
    Running Commands in Linux
    Troubleshooting Linux OS
    Technical test on Linux Commands

Introduction to Computer Forensics

    Introduction to forensics tools
    Principles and methodology of forensics
    WinUFO, Autopsy, OSForensics, OSMount
    KALI Linux forensics tools
    Technical Test on WinForensics

Forensics Imaging

    Introduction to forensic imaging
    Chain of custody
    FTK Imager
    Hashing (MD5 / MD5Deep)
    Automated Image and Restore and DD
    Test on image acquisition

Forensics Analysis

    Introduction to forensics analysis
    Introduction to PTK (KALI Linux)
    Analysis methodology
    Test on Forensic Analysis

Forensic Investigations  

    Email Investigations
    Intellectual Properties Investigations
    Digital Forensics Framework (DFF)

Network Forensics  

    Introduction to network principles / TCP IP
    Introduction to Xplico
    Introduction to Wireshark
    Test on network forensics

Social Media Forensics  

    Introduction to Social Media Forensics
    Introduction to Maltego

Forensics Encryption  

    Introduction to encryption
    Introduction to DiskCryptor
    Introduction to TrueCrypt
    Test on Encryption

Password Forensics   

    Introduction to password forensics
    Introduction to SamDump / CAIN
    Test on Password Forensics

Report Writing / Expert Witness  

    Introduction to report writing
    Qualities of an expert witness
    Introduction to CaseFile (KALI)
    Introduction to RecordMyDesktop
    Final Test on a forensic case, report writing and presentation


Between one to three months

Admission Requirements

Admission fee Kshs 1000

Basic computers packages

Linux operating system practical knowledge

Mathematics is a MUST in KCSE

C+ in KCSE (Result slip)

S5 Box