Types of Membership

1. One shall be a member of the Association upon payment of registration + annual subscription fees.
2. Membership shall be of four categories:-

a) Special Membership.
Shall be restricted to those members who will have a minimum of a diploma in ICT related field or Computer Science, Law and active security personnel with background on investigations and interest in digital forensics and cyber security. Interest may be evidenced with certification. Only these members have the voting rights.

b) Honorary Membership
Shall be given to distinguished persons or those who have rendered valuable service to the Association. Any such person shall normally be proposed by the Council and be approved by a General Meeting. Such members shall not be accorded any voting rights.

c) Associate Membership.
Shall be extended to members of other Associations or societies on approval by the Council. Any such member shall not be accorded any voting rights.

d) Student Membership.
Shall be extended to undergraduate students specializing in courses under paragraph (a) above. Such members shall not enjoy privileges such as voting or holding of offices.

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