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These are by far my very favorite cookies so I’m excited to share the best soft sugar cookie recipe with you! Super soft sugar cookies that are a classic for Christmas but versatile enough to be shaped with cookie cutters for any holiday, season, or event! You’ll absolutely need these two yummy flavorings to have delicious sugar cookies! Truly, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without these amazing cookies! If you complete these tasks by using the same old paper-based system, then you are going to waste a lot of money, time, effort and tress. You are also going to want this amazing powdered sugar frosting recipe to pair with these yummy cookies! After our cookies are baked and ready, allow your cookies to cool and then frost and decorate. 2. In a separate dish, dissolve your baking soda in your milk and then add to your creamed egg/sugar mixture. If your oven thermostat is on the fritz this can affect your bread either baking too fast leading to burnt bread on the outside and raw on the inside.

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